Cruising the world...


is as easy as 1,2,3! 

Cruising is more than a ship in the water, it's an experience! 

We work with all cruise lines to find the best possible cruise for you. ​

Whether it is a quick trip to Mexico, an Alaskan Adventure, or you want to sail around South America, we have a cruise for you!

Cruising 101


What is included in my cruise fare?

Your cruise will include your stateroom, your meals, on board entertainment and an experience of a lifetime! 

Island Hopping? 

No problem! Cruising can be one of the most economic and elegant ways to see multiple destinations in one trip! Most cruises will make 2 or more stops during voyage.

Who are cruises for: Families, singles, honeymooners, seniors?

Aboslutely ALL of the above! Cruises are fun! Cruising is for everybody! Cruises have been designed with everyone in mind! From Ice skating to water slides, piano bars to comedy clubs, rock climbing to a day in the spa, cruising is for everyone! Everyone is welcome on a cruise. Explore the world and take memories home. ​

Where can you cruise?

You can literally cruise all over the world, and around the world! 

Cruise destinations include: Alaska,​ Arabian Gulf, Asia, Australia,  Bahamas,  Bermuda, Canada, ​Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, New England,  New Zealand, Pacific Northwest, South America, ​South Pacific, and Transatlantic. ​​

How do you plan a cruise?

Call US, email us, or come in! Let Ray's Travel help find the perfect cruise destination, cruise line, dates, cabin, and price that will meet your needs! If you are planning far enough in advance, you may be able to book your cruise with a small deposit and make payments until your final due date!  Call Ray's Today and book your dream cruise!